Aide for Masons. Made for Masonry.

E-Mix manufactures innovative and sustainable products that help build masons' trust and enhance the quality of masonry. The E-mix range of products includes mortar, plaster and tile adhesive.

E-MIX Mortar


E-Mix Mortar is a powder-based, dry-ready mix AAC block adhesive. It can also be used for laying cement blocks and fly ash bricks. It is manufactured under controlled conditions for uniform consistency and is a blend of bonding agents and environment-friendly polymers.

E-MIX Plaster


E-Mix Plaster is designed for plastering all AAC block and brick wall varieties. The product is best known for its results and adhesion strength and is a superior substitution to conventional job site cement-sand plasters.

E-MIX Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

E-Mix Tile Adhesive is a high-performance latex-modified adhesive composed of cement, sand, synthetic resins and unique additive constituents. E-Mix Tile Adhesive is formulated to offer excellent workability and adhesion characteristics along with high elasticity.

Product Advantages

Bond Strength

High-strength adhesion effects and strong vertical flow resistance.


Eco-friendly products with lower carbon footprint and contain zero VOC.

Higher Efficiency

Thin-layer application is possible, thereby improving the efficiency.

Heat Resistant

Heat and weather resistance with excellent bonding properties.

Cracking Proof

Absorbs the stress caused by temperature, without hollowing or cracking.

Saves Natural Resources

Less water is required for preparation, thus saving precious natural resources.

In Use

  • All
  • Tile adhesive
  • Mortar
  • Plaster
E-MIX mortar in construction site
E-MIX mortar wall construction
E-MIX mortar made wall
AAC brick installation using E-MIX mortar
AAC brick installation using E-MIX mortar
E-MIX mortar application on AAC brick
E-MIX Tile adhesive application on wall
Tile installation using E-MIX Tile adhesive
E-MIX Tile adhesive application
E-MIX Tile adhesive application for floor tile
floor tile installation using E-MIX Tile adhesive
E-MIX Plaster in use
E-MIX Plaster application on wall
E-MIX Plaster construction site

Illuminating Sustainability

Sustainability is imperative to contain the changing climate in a changing world. In the last few years, something has dramatically altered the worldscape, and terrible risks are known to be associated with that shift. We believe that every entity, irrespective of its domain, must contribute whichever way it can to halt the risks and protect the rest. Brand JVS is committed to making products and providing solutions that reside inside the realm of sustainability. It is our little effort to brighten up the prospect for the world of tomorrow.